All City Staging offers a variety of staging services for every space and budget there is!

Vacant Home Staging

We can stage as many or as few rooms as you like.  We will provide furniture and accessories of all kinds that is necessary to make your home look the best it can to sell.  Since every home is different, price varies and estimates will be given during a consultation.

Staging with Existing Pieces

If you would like to use your own furniture and accessories to stage your home we offer this as well.  All City Staging can bring in accessories or furniture to complete the look if needed but during the consultation we can determine what can be used and what can go.  The consultation will last anywhere from 1-2 hours and after that we can discuss where to go from there.  With existing furniture staging either All City Staging can carry out the process or the homeowner can.  If the homeowner chooses to do the staging themselves we will provide a detailed report of suggestions of staging ideas for every room they would like done.

Color Consultations

All City Staging will help pick paint colors for the whole house or only the rooms you need.

Please call or email with other inquires, to set up a consultation or if you would like a free estimate.

Home Staging & Design

All City Staging